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Medical Priority Members Need to Plan for Outages

With Hurricane Florence heading toward the East Cost and two other named storms following behind, it is critical for those on the co-ops “medical priority” list to have a backup plan for outages.

Members on the priority list have a special seal affixed to their meter bases, which identifies them as medical priority patients to all CCEC field personnel. Medical Priority means that a co-op member or someone in the member’s household has a medical condition that requires part-time or continuous use of specialized medical equipment that must have electricity to operate.The cooperative maintains a medical priority list to inform members of planned outages and to make sure these members have a backup plan for major outages.

However, during major outage situations such as those caused by hurricanes or other major storms, CCEC cannot guarantee that medical priority members’ electrical service will be one of the first to be restored.

For those reasons, any medical priority members should have either backup power (battery backup or generator) or a backup emergency plan to move to another location where electricity can be provided to meet their medical needs. Most hospitals or doctors’ offices can refer you to facilities to use in case of major power outages. You should contact these facilities to make all the necessary arrangements before a major outage occurs.

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