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CCEC Prepares for Hurricane Michael

CCEC has prepared for whatever Hurricane Michael might bring to the area even as crews are continuing to clean up damages left by Hurricane Florence.

Crews have been working 11-hour workdays repairing individual electric services and security lights and reconnecting power for members whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Florence, but have since been repaired. After-hours and on-call crews have been working steady as well since the hurricane.

“With high winds from Michael, we will likely have outages from trees that are leaning or branches that are hanging on to their trunks by a thread,” said Will Pittman, CCEC vice-president of Engineering and operations.

Everyone should remember, too, that damages to transmission service to this area can cause outages at our substations. That means residents should already have made plans for outages, whether that means getting fuel for generators, buying non-perishable foods or restocking their emergency kits.

While Hurricane Michael is expected to move quickly, it is expected to bring tropical storm force winds by the time it reaches our area, and residents should secure any outside objects that might get blown around and stay away from any downed power lines.

The cooperative has a substation monitoring system that indicates when and where outages occur, as well as an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) system that send us a signal when the power goes out at each meter. That helps narrow down areas that need attention, and means it is not necessary to call the co-op to report your outage. We ask that you first check our outage map (through smart phones and tablets with Wi-Fi connections).

Lineman Working

Lineman Grayson Millis works on a line in Havelock. Crews are continuing to make repairs from Hurricane Florence, even as Hurricane Michael is headed our way.







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