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Energy Audits

CCEC offers free energy audits to residential members. One of our energy auditors will make an on-site evaluation, checking for insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, heating system efficiency and other energy-related items. After careful analysis of your specific situation, the energy auditor will suggest measures to reduce energy consumption. This type audit is looking for low- or no-cost solutions to help reduce your electric bill. 
We also offer a second type of energy audit which is more detailed and includes a thorough heat loss/gain analysis to ensure your heating and cooling equipment is sized properly. The auditor takes accurate square-foot measurements of the home; size, type and direction of windows; and amount and rating of insulation in the ceiling, floor and walls. This detailed audit costs $100; however, if you implement the improvements suggested in the audit within a reasonable time, half of the audits cost will be refunded. 

Heating and cooling. Our energy auditor will suggest ways to enhance your heating/cooling system's effectiveness without costing you a fortune. Many times, simple things such as replacing the filter can save quite a bit of money. 

Water heater. Water heaters are usually the second largest energy user in the home. The auditor will make sure it has the recommended heat setting and will suggest any improvements, such as insulating the water heater. A properly operating water heater can cut water-heating costs by as much as 20%. 

Windows and doors. These openings will be checked to make sure they are not losing heating or cooling energy through cracks caused by loosely sealed joints. He also will check for storm windows and doors, or double-glazed windows and doors; both are proven energy savers. Proper weather-stripping and caulking will be checked. Audits usually do not last long and are a sure, low cost way to determine if you need to improve your home or business's energy efficiency. Call us at 1-800-682-2217 or 252-247-3107 or e-mail: customerservice@ccemc.com.